Why our products?

Perfect absorbent

Materials which we use for towels Maison Carezza are good adsorbents.

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Since cotton and bamboo fabrics are materials which comes in direct contact with the human body we know that quality is very important for our clients. It's why all the materials satisfied the required quality parameters.

Very soft

We know that our towel will be using both: children and adults.

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Especially kids skin require tidy touch and protection. It's why the good towel should be soft to give maximum protection
and should not cause irritation. Maison Carezza knows how to achieve these properties
by manufacturing the product as per the standard method of manufacture.

Natural materials

We care about your comfort. For the production of our products

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we use only the best selection of natural materials.


As a natural product, cotton and bamboo
are completely biodegradable.

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60 percent of all harvested cotton fiber
is used to produce yarns and threads, which in turn are used in the manufacture of fabrics for clothing and so on. Because of biodegradable properties,
all-cotton and bamboo can also be recycled and used in the manufacture of useful materials. Have chosen Maison Carezza- you protect the nature.

Anti allergic

If you suspect that items are culprits which causes allergic reactions,

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then the best and most immediate solution to choose a natural product. Cotton is the best bet. Everyday garments
or fabrics must be mostly made up of cotton since natural fibers will be gentle to the skin and especially to sensitive areas of the body.


A lot of people turn to natural fabrics because

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it’s comfortable, easy to wear and wash, inexpensive, and breathable. Heat from throughout your body is transported through the blood, then
to the skin, and then to the environment. Natural fabric can act as a heat conductor, meaning that heat can be transferred to your clothes from your skin, which helps your body keep the process
of thermoregulation in good.


Cotton and bamboo fabrics are really durable.

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It is a natural fiber made from the seedpod
of the plants. People prefer natural fabrics for their softness and natural feel, but with this soft to touch quality comes at the same time resilience
and durability. Be sure that you will enjoy Maison Carezza towels for years.


The best way to reduce static electricity is to use the natural material.

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This material is made of fibers that stretch instead of break eliminating electric generation and generate in the same time as little static as possible.